About us

Promote technology establishment from the dawn of the industry

Under the corporate philosophy of "fulfilling social contribution by sharing value and development together with users, aiming to become a global niche top by creating innovative technology considering people and the environment"since our founding in 1973, we have worked to establish technology with our customers from the early days of the printed circuit board industry.
Currently, as a leading company in the industry, we are working directly with excellent users.

Developing and manufacturing machinery in which coating and curing are integrated

Our main business is development, design and manufacture of machine and system to product electronic parts such as printed circuit boards and various related work. We also support customization according to customer's request based on standard products that coat and cure printed circuit boards. Furthermore, because we can embody the majority of the idea in-house, we can shorten the time to evaluate and improve and quickly commercialize it.

Handling from design to maintenance. Production of machine and system in-house

We utilize a wide variety of machine tools to build an integrated production system in-house from mechanical and electrical design, material procurement, frame making, welding, machining, assembly, adjustment, trial operation and inspection.
We have developed a number of integrated lines in the printed circuit board industry. Based on these experiences and know-how, we are developing independent technologies such as systematization of production lines to meet user's needs.

Transactions with overseas including China, Korea, Taiwan which are growing recently

Current customers are about 40% domestic users and about 60% overseas users.
The ratio of overseas users is higher in China, South Korea and Taiwan, but transactions with countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand in which Japanese customers have expanded recently are on the rise.
In machine design, we are moving forward to migrate to 3D-CAD system, not only improving working efficiency but also considering about sharing images quickly and intuitively beyond language with customers.