About us

Company Data

Establishment January 1973
President Seiji Izawa
Capital JPY 12 million
Sales JPY 1,530 million (June 2016)
Number of Employees
  • Head office / 10
  • Niigata Plant / 34
  • Kawaguchi Plant / 3 (May 2017)
Business contents
  • Development, design and manufacturing of electronic component production machine
  • Field support for our machine and system
    (Service support · repair · modification etc.)

Company History

1973 Established in January(Sales started in 1970). Started selling IR oven mainly after screen printing.
1975 The standard model of the solder-resist IR oven for printed circuit boards completed.
1977 Started production of the machine for consumer automatic printing line.(ex. : Loader, Unloader)
1978 Consumer solder resist other oven, UV cure oven is developed.
1980 Double side printing line is completed and start sales. Became agency of Ono Sokki printing machine.
1982 Patterning pretreatment system for industrial printed circuit board completed. / Achieved JPY 1 billion sales.
Jointly developed of thin panel (0.1mmt) curing with Hitachi.
1983 UV-cure machine market share : 65-70% achieved.
Consumer Line market share : 65-70% achieved.
1986 Current head-office building completed.
1987 Automatic exposure machine prototype completed. Joint development and patent application with Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1990 In-line type airless spray machine for solder mask completed.
Hanging-type oven for silver paste plugging printing of through hole completed.
1991 Double-sided electrostatic spray system for solder mask completed. / Niigata plant established.
1993 Roller coating system completed.
1995 Direct metallization completed. / Established P.T.WING INDONESIA in Jakarta.
1996 Vertical-type roller coater completed. (patented) / Sales start insulating layer forming system by the roller coater.
Clean oven completed. (class 100 achieved)
1998 Build a liquid pattern resist ink coating system by roller coater.
1999 Contracted with Ciba. Entrust the North America & Europe regional agent (liquid pattern resist coating system)
2002 Sales start New-type vertical double-sided electrostatic spray system.
2003 Roller coater total number of sales : 100 units achieved.
2004 Sales start Roller coating system for CSP.
2005 Start development of Reel to Reel S/M coating system.
2006 Start development of roller coating system for plating resist.
2007 Clean room assembly plant completed.
2008 Roller coater total number of sales : 200 units achieved.
2010 Start development of S/M roller coating system for mother board.
Start development of S/M flattening technology.
2011 Evaluation test start of quick cure process (for solder resist ink and etching resist ink).
2012 Vertical-type coating & curing test machine (double-sided roller coater + quick cure oven) completed.
Exhibited "Fine Tech Japan 2012" and "JPCA Show 2012"
Sales start Reel to Reel Roller coating system (Horizontal roller coater + quick cure oven) completed and sales start.
2013 Horizontal-type coating & curing test machine (double-sided roller coater + quick cure oven) completed.
Exhibited "JPCA Show 2013" and "INTERNEPCON Japan 2014" as a “Smart Coating System"

Service Network


Niigata Plant
  • Development, Design, Production of Roll coating system, Spray coating system, Clean oven, Loader/Unloader. Transferring M/C and field support (Service support, repair, remodeling, etc.)
  • Coating and curing text, evalution and analysis (ink thickness measurement etc.)
Kawaguchi Plant
  • Production, trial manufacture and inspection of Coating roller.
Yokohama Partner Plant
  • Production of Spray coater and Transferring M/C

Overseas [ Agent ]

  • Sales in Taiwan & User support (including maintenance)
Supergold Enterprise International Ltd.
  • Sales in China & User support (including maintenance)
  • Sales in South Korea & User support (including maintenance)


HEAD OFFICE 4-29-3, Miyamae, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 168-0081 Japan
TEL: +81-3-3335-8631 FAX: +81-3-3335-8699
Niigata Plant 3310-20, Fujitsukahama, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken, 957-0231 Japan
TEL: 0254-41-4434 FAX: +81-254-41-4406
Kawaguchi Plant 5-1-20, Kamiaoki, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken, 333-0844 Japan
TEL: 048-487-7357 FAX: 048-487-7357
TAIWAN KONG KING CO.,LTD. 5F-4, No.66, Sec 2, Nan Kan Road, Lu-Chu, Taoyuan, Taiwan
TEL: +886-3-3529333 FAX: +886-3-3524566
Supergold Enterprise International Ltd. Unit F, 11/F, King Palace Plaza, 55 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
TEL: +852-29470502 FAX:+852-29470621
TEL: +82-70-4150-8211 FAX: +82-70-4184-8211